Meeting someone you love is only the first step.

High quality Introductions - Long term relationship support


a unique offering at a unique price

What's the unique offering? Face to face singles events custom built around the characteristics and preferences of those in my membership. What's the unique price? Providing clean water to the world.


There's much to see here, so take your time and look around. 

Single Socials started with three goals:

1) To invite members to events where those attending have enough in common that the chance of making a great connection is high. My members value themselves and their time. 

2) To provide classes on how to successfully navigate the first minutes to months of a new relationship and learn the skills that keep a relationship thriving for a lifetime.

3) To bring help, clean water and skills for economic development to people who need it most.

Have Fun. Fall In Love. Make The World A Better Place.


Single Socials LLC

Greater Boston Area