A united network of Christian singles in the Greater Boston Area


My name is Rebekah and I live in the Boston area.

About Me...

My family of 5 moved to the Boston area in 2016. I love my kids, my husband of 18 years and being back on the east coast!

Prior to 2016 we lived in the St. Louis area where I ran a singles ministry for 2.5 years on a volunteer basis.

By the time we had left St Louis I had about 400 Christian singles on my mailing list and was hosting about one event a month - sometimes trainings, sometimes bible studies and sometimes dating events. I feel building friendships, pursuing God, seeking loving marriages or being contently single are all goals I love to serve.

About me? I love dancing (from ballroom to worship to hip-hop). I'm also inspired by art and music and how deeply we find God in them.  I also love eating - especially foods from countries around the world (and especially foods that I do not cook). When I am caught cooking, it's often Cajun Gumbo - my family's recipe..:)

God bless! -Rebekah

Have fun. Fall in love. Make the world a better place!

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